Cpanel chron job to backup MySQL database and send to email

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I had an idea for (semi) redundancy for one of our larger projects - an E-commerce store running on a WordPress installation.

In a nutshell the idea involves duplicating the account on another server and when receiving a notification from a monitoring tool that the server is down, we would change the domains A record to point to the backup server. There would still be few minutes of downtime but it would be minimal.

I realized I would need some way of synchronizing the the MySQL databases between the production and back-up servers. This would be pretty important, considering the type of website - order numbers etc.

The site runs on Linux, with CentOS and Cpanel. Through the Cpanel interface you can schedule cron Jobs that will run a given command. This would be perfect for getting a backup of the MySQL database and saving it off-site.

image of chron here

I decided to start out some basic testing using a handy PHP script (which I found here) that will run the back up and send it to me via email at a time interval of my choosing. This is obviously not a secure way of sending potentially sensitive data (I will have it saved to the backup server via FTP once in production).

However I thought this would be something that other people would find quite useful to send less sensitive data.

I will eventually have a python script that gets executed to do the MySQLmy sync. In the meantime, here is how to do it using PHP.

Firstly, you will want to download the PHP from here. Then edit the backup.php file to include your details:

// edit this section
$dbhost = "localhost"; // usually localhost
$dbuser = "dbuser"; //enter your database username here
$dbpass = "dbpass"; //enter your database password here
$dbname = "dbname"; // enter your database name here
$sendto = "Send To <>";
$sendfrom = "Send From <>";
$sendsubject = "Daily Database Backup";
$bodyofemail = "Here is the daily backup of my database.";

You will need to then upload these files to your server so that you can point a command to it. In Cpanel, create a new cron job:

New cron

Choose your desired interval and in the command field type the following command:

/user/bin/php -q /home/account/public_html/path-to-folder/backup.php

Set your time interval to a few minutes from whatever time it is now so you can test that it is working. It will store the backup file temporarily on your server and then delete it once the email has been sent. (with the g-zipped database as an attachment)

Written on July 9, 2015